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Our Chief Storyteller

Inspiration and Passion

Push the boundaries of supply chain management by using narratives and context to connect innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence.

Patrick Van Hull, founder and chief storyteller at Supply Chain Storyteller

Patrick Van Hull

Chief Storyteller

When I tell others I want to be a chief storyteller, I hear, “That’s going to be an important role within the next five years, but I’m not sure it's there now.” I’ve also heard, “I understand what it is, but that’s not a real job.”


Instead of taking those answers at face value and waiting, I take inspiration from those who built their career paths on creativity, curiosity, and thoughtfulness, like Steve Clayton of Microsoft, Greg Hoffman, formerly of Nike, and Nancy Duarte of Duarte, Inc.

My first step to becoming a chief storyteller was the LinkedIn moniker of Supply Chain Storyteller. Now, that name represents the chance to help others see that delivering human experiences is not only about logistics and data but also about people and the stories that connect us.

As Chief Storyteller, I look forward to aligning the dots of the human experience through narratives and context to connect with people, build relationships, and inspire action.

Career Experience

Patrick’s extensive career has taken him to nearly every part of the supply chain, from open pit mine sites to intermodal yards, manufacturing facilities, and retail shelves.

Patrick’s ability to deliver products and services, messages, and experiences that matter made him a trusted advisor, analyst, and consultant at SCM World, Gartner, and Deloitte, as well as a content strategist and evangelist for high-growth technology companies.

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Bring together data-driven insights, practical experience, and a focus on the human connection to drive transformational results.

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