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Build your Brand
with influential 
storytelling and thought leadership

Requires Coherence

Features, functions, logistics, and data all are a means to meeting expectations.


Individually they are essential, but influence comes from connecting them all to captivate customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Patrick Van Hull

Chief Storyteller

The Offering

Intersecting Supply Chain and Storytelling

The Supply Chain Storyteller system is designed to help you share your expertise, success stories, and thought-provoking content to build your brand as an influential industry leader and subject matter expert.

Advisory and Content

Advisory and Content

Tailored Strategic Guidance and Content Solutions

Develop and showcase industry expertise and brand credibility through end-to-end support to enhance supply chain strategy, craft compelling narratives, and more.

Education and Facilitation

Education and Facilitation

Building Knowledge and Advancing Capabilities

Work through complex supply chain challenges with customized training and facilitation services that unlock the supply chain’s potential to establish brand credibility.

Stories of Success

Supply Chain Storyteller's highlights reflect over twenty years of experience in supply chain and technology-based businesses.


Advisory Services

Authentic and Innovative Collaboration

Trusted collaborative partner with supply chain executives for customizing and delivering strategic development programs to accelerate team progress toward enterprise transformation objectives. 



Thought Leadership

the Power of

Recognized by SaaS industry leaders for sharing insights in innovative and attention-grabbing styles and themes, increasing market understanding, generating product interest, and reinforcing brand credibility.

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Enhance Stakeholder Experiences


Extensive practitioner experience in supply chain planning and strategy, with industry experience in high-tech assembly, natural resources, consumer electronics, and retail inventory management.

Rio Tinto
CVS Health

Featured Podcast

Supply Chains are Empowered through Stories

Stories are the connective thread through the complex people, processes, and technology networks that make modern supply chains possible. Hear how storytelling helps businesses build meaningful connections with their customers, employees, and stakeholders to drive influence and credibility.

Supply Chains Enable the Human Experience

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Trust and


00:00 / 02:41

Supply Chain Storyteller

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The Inside Story

Shaping Supply Chains from Beyond the Headlines

Learn from the challenges and triumphs of behind-the-scenes supply chain stories and uncover how to apply these insights to shape the human experience meaningfully.

Process Improvement Means More with a Story

Process Improvement Means More with a Story

Process engineering sounds boring to many people. It conjures images of flow charts, stopwatches, and other activities that seem geeky on the surface. Those images don’t capture ...

Beware the stories we tell ourselves and others

Beware the stories we tell ourselves and others

Excel failures are the software’s fault, not user error, right? In my two most notable failures, I’d gotten handy with multi-tab spreadsheets and various functions ...

Solutions are more than just technology

Solutions are more than just technology

My team was the first to use a new forecasting and replenishment tool. Throughout the pre-launch training, there was an emphasis on the number of modifiable factors ...

Navigating the Supply Chain Transformation Journey

Navigating the Supply Chain Transformation Journey

Supply chain executives grappling with the challenges of initiating and sustaining transformation within their organization find effectively ...

Industry Insights

Connecting with the Supply Chain Community

Explore the critical issues affecting the global supply chain community through unique perspectives on the trends and innovations shaping the industry’s future.

Supply Chain Blogs

Are you Spending too Much Time on Short-Term Disruptions?

Are you Spending too Much Time on Short-Term Disruptions?

Companies can minimize the time spent on short-term disruptions and focus on long-term strategic planning to drive sustainable growth.


o9 Solutions

Media Engagements

How One Department Store is Defying the Curse Plaguing Macy's and JCPenney

How One Department Store is Defying the Curse Plaguing Macy's and JCPenney

How Kohl's used data analytics to optimize inventory, enhance customer experience, and increase sales.


Business Insider

Media Engagements

Wanted: Education Supply Chain Professionals

Wanted: Education Supply Chain Professionals

A discussion of the growing demand for skilled supply chain professionals and the importance of investing in education and professional development to stay ahead in the industry.


Inc Magazine

Supply Chain Blogs

The Case for the Digital Automotive Supply Chain of the Future

The Case for the Digital Automotive Supply Chain of the Future

The benefits of supply chain digital transformation in the automotive industry include improved visibility, agility, efficiency, collaboration, and enhanced customer experiences.


o9 Solutions

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Shape your Story

Our system leverages the power of storytelling and strategic content creation, enabling you to:

Connect with your target audience.

Drive meaningful engagement.

Generate valuable business and advancement opportunities

Every company has a story; we can help you shape yours.

Meet with Patrick

Find out more about our services, ask questions, or just say hello, by making the time for an initial, no-obligations chat with our team.

The first step in using the power of storytelling to connect supply chains to compelling experiences is to meet with our Chief Storyteller, Patrick Van Hull. 


During this initial consultation, Patrick will work with you to understand your goals and objectives and develop a plan to grow your competitive advantage.


Schedule your complimentary 30-minute meeting to get started!

Storytelling Partners

Compelling Collaborations

From startups to Fortune 500s to diverse media companies, our work connects memorable stories to real business impact.

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